About Us

Blue Infusion North LakesBlue Infusion is the creation of passionate foodie Olga Reilly. Olga’s vision is to create a welcoming community hub where the coffee is superb and the food is fresh, simple, tasty and fad free.

Olga grew up in Ireland, where cafés and delicatessens were the daytime hub of the local town. Everyone would meet at their local café to chat, catch up with local happenings and pick up some tasty treats for later.

Tobys Estate Coffee North LakesShe realised that her passion was to own café where people could take a break from the hustle and bustle and instead go to a place where they would be welcomed and catered for.

She has strived to create an environment where people can meet up with old friends and make new ones.

Olga wanted to create a place where you could sit with friends and laugh until tears roll down your face; where great coffee was a given; where business professionals could be proud to bring their clients, where sporting people are welcomed and where all visitors feel relaxed.

And so Blue Infusion was born. An infusion of friendship, shared values, ideas, coffee, great food, a balanced diet and a balanced, happy life.